Hyperpigmentation - areas of darker skin are normal, especially for Brown and Black people


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Darker circles under eyes, dark patches on elbows, knees, armpits are all NORMAL parts of having brown or black skin. Pigmentation varies on darker skin! That’s just the colour of our skin. White-centric beauty retailers need to stop pushing the colourist narrative that these are because we don’t take care of our skin properly.

We see adverts for under armpit bleaching, creams for dark circles, scrubs for dark elbows and knees. All pushing the idea that this skin tone variation are “flaws”

When I was a teenager I spent so long trying to fix and conceal my dark under eye circles. Cold spoons, weird home concoctions and expensive creams were never going to change the fact that my skin is darker under my eyes than the rest of my face.

These days, even with a full face of makeup, I don’t make any attempt to cover up dark circles. Makeup is a form of self expression for me, and i don’t want to cover up any part of me, I just want to put some funky colours on my face 😊🌈

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