Who is Rahul?

I am Rahul, I am an artist, designer and web developer from the UK. I aim to authentically express and embrace my identity, and be my most fabulous and colourful self.

I’m happiest when I am completely immersed in a creative project as I love to make, build, design and create things. I have a wide range of creative and craft hobbies and I am always teaching myself something new.


As a queer, trans, disabled, neurodivergent Indian, I am devoted to ensuring that people from marginalised communities, particularly those with intersecting marginalisations are able to share their experiences and find community and acceptance. It has been a long journey for me towards loving all aspects of my identity, and I want to share that with others who may be struggling with similar experiences.
I speak more about these topics via my instagram page, which you can find at @dragonspirals

I am the Digital Coordinator for Chronically Brown, a non-profit organisation working towards tackling the stigma of disability within the South Asian community. We also work towards diversifying the disabled community with campaign projects such as #desiabled.
For more information about Chronically Brown, visit their website chronicallybrown.com