Sorry, I am not taking commissions currently

Digital Art Commissions

These prices are a guide only, and may vary depending on the complexity of the commission.


A simple sketch with one or a few simple elements

Colour Artwork

Full colour image with one main element (e.g. a portrait)

Sun God
Complex Artwork

Full colour image with multiple elements 

  • After initially contacting me, I will send you a form to fill out. This will help me get an idea of what you want

  • After you have filled out the form, I will suggest a more accurate price. I will also check details about what you want with you.
  • At this stage, we will agree on rough a price (not the final price, as changes can still be made), and we will confirm the details of what you want for the commission.
  • I will make a very rough sketch outlining the basic composition of the piece, colour palettes I use (colour palettes are a guide, I will probably use more colours than the colour palette I suggest, they are just there so you can get a feel for the piece), and the general vibe.
  • I will send you the sketch and you can suggest changes. I will change the sketch as required. Changes may lead to a change in price (for example if it will be more complicated) and this will be discussed with you.
  • Once we have agreed on the sketch and the price, I will take full payment. After this, you may not make any major changes.
  • The drawing should not take more than two weeks, depending on my availability. If it is likely to take longer than this, I will let you know. I will keep you updated on the progress of the artwork, and if the finish date is likely to change due to unforeseen circumstances, I will let you know.
  • When the drawing is finished, I will send it to you. You may ask me to make minor changes, but not anything major.
  • After I have done any minor changes, I will send you the image in full resolution. Congratulations! You have some art!
  • You may request prints of the art at any point before or after the completion of the artwork. Even if you want prints of it many months later, you can contact me and I can arrange that.

Commissions are closed for the moment.

    I reserve the right to refuse to draw something, and if this is the case, you will be refunded if you have already paid.

    References pictures are preferable but not required (though you will likely get something that is more like what you want if you provide references).

    These prices are only a guide and I may charge differently depending on the complexity of the commission. Prices will be discussed before confirming the commission. I reserve the right to use the final commission for my own portfolio and on my website and social media.

    Note that I take payment in full upfront after the draft sketch and price is agreed upon by both of us. This is standard for online commissions, and this is non-negotiable.

    I will communicate with you regularly, total time shouldn’t be more than 2 weeks. I will send you a very rough sketch confirming the composition of the drawing which you will be allowed to ask to change. After confirming this, you will not be able to make any major changes. Payment will be taken in full after confirming the sketch.

    If you need the artwork by a deadline, you need to let me know before the agreement and payment. If you do not tell me until afterward, I may not be able to guarantee the artwork will be done in time. If artwork is needed by a very short deadline, I may decline the commission as I only take commissions that I believe I will be able to provide you to your satisfaction.

    At any point, you may contact me for updates on the progress of the artwork. However, I encourage you to be patient, as rushing me will produce poorer-quality artwork. Art takes time, and I require your understanding.

    The standard artwork resolution will be A3 size at 300ppi. If the image is a different size, due to aspect ratio or other design requirements, I will let you know. The full-size file will be shared with you when the final piece is finished and you have agreed there shall be no further changes. Note, some forms of communication have restricted file sizes, so it will be preferable to be able to send you the files via email, or a cloud-sharing link such as Google Drive.


    Once the drawing is complete, I still own the copyright to the image and I reserve the right to use the image as I choose.

    How I will use the image 

    After the image is complete, I will want to use it, for example in my portfolio. While I retain the right to use the image however I want, I have listed the ways I am likely to use the image. If any of these are an issue (for example, if the work is very personal and you do not want it shared), let me know before I start, and we can discuss this.

    • I may use the image on my website, on my portfolio page, and in other places on my website.
    • I may share the image on social media. I will communicate with you if you want me to share your details (for example, I will ask you if you want the caption to say “Artwork done as a commission” or “Artwork commissioned by [your name/social account]”
    • I may use the image for personal portfolios.
    • Depending on the image, I may consider selling prints of the image. I will contact you to make sure you are comfortable with this.

    How you may use the image 

    After you have received the final image, there are restrictions on how you may share it. These are outlined below

    • When sharing on social media, you must include credit to me in the captions. You can link to my page or tag me, and it must be clear to viewers that I am the artist. If you are unsure how to do this, contact me and I can discuss this with you
    • You must not sell the image in any way
    • You may print the image for personal use, and you may display it in private spaces as you wish
    • You must not display the image in a public space without confirming with me beforehand.
    • Sharing the artwork publicly in any way not mentioned here must contain credit. Please contact me if any of these are unclear or if you want to use the image in any other way.


    Communication – If you are not receiving a response for several days, please check your method of communication, otherwise try a different method.

    If you have any issues please contact me and try to work it out with me before taking other action. I will try to resolve the situation as best I can.