Soft Bellied Boys
So lovely
So cute
Full of love and hugs
Soft of belly and soft of heart
I have so much love for those Boys

Soft Boys

Digital art

Most of my life, I was the weirdly skinny kid, who always seemed to eat loads but never gained weight. Due to my PoTS, my body thought I was doing intense cardio all day long, so I stayed badly underweight. When I actually started treating my PoTS a couple of years ago, I started putting on a lot of weight. Like, a lot

Society has trained us to think bellies that stick out, are unattractive and unhealthy. They would look at my body now vs before, and think before was healthier. Because for some reason, we still equate weight and health (and health with worth).

The truth is, I am so much healthier at this weight. I gained this weight BECAUSE of getting healthier. My heart no longer does a marathon a day, and I can actually get up the stairs, usually whilst staying mostly conscious.

It’s weird to get used to, but it helps when I see others with different bodies. So this was a lil drawing to show my appreciation for soft bellies. Or maybe I just drew it because I’m queer, who knows? Either way, Let’s hear it for squishy tummies!

Not available as a print