The website for UK Education Unity was in need of a redesign. As the (unofficial) manager of the website, I redesigned the home page and created the page using WordPress with Elementor.

The Old Home Page for UKEU, before the redesign

You can see the old home page above. Unfortunately, I do not have images of the rest of the website before the redesign, but similarly to the above image, there was minimal styling, unclear wording and a very basic layout. 

My aims for the redesign of the website: 

  • Create consistency in the styling
  • Clearly present the aims and goals of the company
  • Improve the readability of the text
  • Improve the user experience of the page 

The team came up with a new colour palette for the company and defined styling aspects that were to be used throughout the material we made. We decided that hexagons will be prominent in our branding, and I incorporated these in the page.

The original website was unclear as to the aims of the charity and what it was for. I rewrote the text and separated it into clear sections, so the aims of the charity stood out to the viewer. 

I took care to design a responsive webpage that looked good on different screens. I changed the style of the menu and included social media links in the header. I also recreated the logo in a higher quality with a transparent background.

UKEU Old Logo
UKEU New Logo